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Monster Cleaning Acton was settled down many years ago as a small company. Now thanks to all positive feedback from our loyal customers we have grown and expand our activity and area of coverage. As a result of high quality services at affordable prices we have built strong relation with  many home owners, property management and landlords who use our services and advises occasionally. For us our customer’s opinion is important, so we organise regular market researches and customer surveys to gain information about the latest industry standards and customer requirements.

If you want to book high quality services with great outcomes, do not hesitate to contact us by dialling our office number, which is 020 8077 2242 . As a leader with many years experienced, we have developed new efficient methods to speed up our work and make it more accurate, which help us to keep low costs of our services.

Our prices are affordable and very competitive, within the means of every pocket.

We include the cleaning materials and equipment, needed for the service, in the final price, so no hidden charges or fees. Our quotations are free and non obligating, based on your needs. Our main priority is to help people, so we expanded our working time and now we are available to perform clean ups every day of the week, even on Saturdays, on Sundays and on Holidays for no additional charge. You can choose from slots in the morning or in the afternoon. We are here to help people stop wasting their free time and spend it with their families.

The mentioned above is a result of the tireless work of our hard working employees. The good look and easy access to our web page is a deed of a great team of computer engineers which keep it up to date so you can have the latest disposal of information for the company and its activity. Our trustworthy and reliable cleaners have gone though many different work related seminars and meetings to help them improving their service and develop new effective techniques for better outcomes. All of our employees are fully vetted and police verified so you do not need to worry for the safety of your family and property. If you need more information or have any questions, our well trained and informed customer support assistants are full informed and competent to customize a quotation just for you and lead you through the booking process.

We constantly invest in brand new equipment and strong cleaning liquids. Our machinery is top of the line and works very effective. The detergents that we  use are eco friendly and toxic neutral, which makes then 100% danger free for people and pets.

We all know how much of hard work it is to check off everything on your cleaning to-do list. Our fully skilled team can do all of that for you, and even more. Everyone on our team is trained and experienced in order to deliver the highest quality cleaning service to all of our clients. By our team we aren’t only talking about our cleaning technicians but about our customer service agents as well. We made a special training which they underwent. And now they are ready to help you maintain your home or office spotless.