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Carpet Cleaning

Everyone wants to own spotless carpets. They play a huge part in the interior design of our homes and they can be the item in our houses that change the feel of it. When all of the carpets in your home are perfectly clean, they have a certain appeal to them and they bring a welcoming and cozy feeling to those who enter.

But maintaining a carpet clean is not as easy as you may think

The first thing we are going to advise you not to do is to go on the internet and search for methods to clean your carpet on your own, especially using detergents containing harsh chemicals. All of those DIY methods available on the internet will most likely damage your carpet – they are dangerous.

Are you vacuuming your carpet on a daily basis? If the answer is yes then great. You are a step closer to spotless carpets. Regardless of the fact that vacuum cleaners aren’t as powerful to extract all of the dirt and dust it’s still very helpful to use it on a regular basis. This will prevent bigger debris and a lot of the dust and dirt to penetrate deep into the carpet and going straight for the base. So make sure to do it a couple of times a week.

All of the germs, dirt, dust, hair, etc. are being absorbed by your carpet and they go straight to the base of it. This makes it impossible to remove and clean without using the proper equipment that is both very powerful yet it won’t harm the fibers.

We can guarantee to deep clean your carpets and bring back the appeal they had when you first got them. And the main thing we use is steam. That’s right – we steam clean them. This is one of the most effective and powerful methods out there that extracts all of the dirt, dust, and the best part is that it also kills all of the bacteria stored in a carpet. It’s also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and does not contain any harsh chemicals that will leave any kind of residue or nasty smell behind.

A Carpet Steam Cleaning service is recommended to be performed twice a year on a carpet. It is also discounted when combined with end of tenancy cleaning.